Real life Ninjas

Years ago, I had the perfect car for doing automotive photo shoots.

A 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon, complete with fake wood paneling, and 260 horse power. It was beautiful, and could throw 8 people back in their seats. And the best part? A rear facing back seat. I could show you photos of our kids getting their diapers changed as babies, while precariously laying on the tailgate. But instead I’ll show you the photos I took when I posted it for sale on Craigslist.


I miss that car. Well, I should say I miss some things about that car. I did several photo shoots with that car, buckled in the back seat, hatch up, cars and motorcycles following close behind. I’m a big fan of making do with what you have, and only upgrading when you need to.

Some of my favorite images were taken with my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel XT that my wife bought me for our first anniversary. It came from Costco, and was amazing. I used the 17-55 kit lens as long as I could, and enjoyed every minute with that camera.

When some good friends bought motorcycles, they decided they should be photographed with their bikes. So, armed with my Rebel, and strapped into the back of that station wagon, we cruised back and forth along one of the prettiest routes on the coast I’ve ever driven. Chuckanut Drive begins at the south end of Bellingham, in Fairhaven, and makes it’s way along the coastline south into the Skagit flats. I’ve shot several times through that stretch of highway, and for beautiful driving photography or video, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Some of the photos I took that day remain personal favorites. They also began forming the direction I’d take my photography in years to come.

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